Avakaya Mango (Hot Mango) Pickle- Andhra Style

Avakaya Mango (Hot Mango) Pickle- Andhra Style
Pick mangoes that are green and sour. Clean mangoes before cutting and dry with cotton cloth. Clean mangoes after cutting and dry well with another cotton cloth. MAKE SURE DRY!! Indian pickles are used as a condiment with anything you want. Once the pickle is ready the whole pieces can be eaten. Beware!! Eating too much pickle can cause heat in your body and can give you boils on your skin and terrible motions.

This is a easy way to prepare mango pickle in Andhra style. Take a bowl for measurement and measure all the ingredients with the same bowl and the pickle can be made very easily.


6 bowls of chopped mangoes (approx 10 medium size mangoes)
1 bowl of mustard powder (finely ground)
1 bowl of salt
1 bowl of Red chilli powder
2 table spoons of haldi (Turmeric)
1/2 bowl of garlic minced
2 tablespoons of methi (fenugreek)
2 tablespoons of methi Powder (roasted dry and powdered Fenugreek)
3/4 ltr. Gingely oil (sesame oil)

Mix all the ingredients (Chilli powder,haldi,methi powder, garlic mashed and garlic minced, methi and salt) except oil in a large vessel. (Remember the vessel should be dry) Put the mango pieces and mix well. Pour half of the oil and mix well. Put the mixture into a air tight container or a jar and pour the remaining oil over it. Leave it for 3 days.

After three days mix the pickle well with a dry spoon and pour oil if necessary. Taste the pickle if salt is less add little salt.(if salt and oil are not enough the pickle may get spoiled soon.)

Tip: Remember the oil should be half inch above the pickle. Keep in a dry, cool, airtight container up to one year keep the oil and salt from evaporation.DSC03683




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