Jenna’s Vegetable Raita

I have been trying to adapt myself to a whole new World of vegetables and fruits here in India that I am not too familiar with. I have found that here in South India rice is a staple food, and quite frankly that doesn’t work for my body for some reason. I gain massive amounts of weight and I don’t want that anymore than the next person. So, I have been trying to work with ingredients and find new ways to eat healthier. This following recipe is a favorite of mine because it has lots of veggies and its very good with dosa, chapathi, parota, roti, naan you name it. I just don’t eat with rice often.

2 small very ripe red tomatoes diced

2 stalks of green onion/spring onion chopped

1/2 cup of dry roasted peanuts (no fat added or salt)

2 green bell peppers/capsicum 1 diced and 1 sliced into strips to dip with

4 carrots: 1 carrot diced thin and 1 sliced into strips to dip with.

Optional: 1/4 cup cabbage; some kind of roti or Indian bread; the veggie sticks I always eat because we could all use more veggies!

2 cups of Indian Curd or Greek Yogurt

1 tsp salt

a dash of black pepper

Combine all ingredients diced together, salt and pepper, curd/yogurt well.

Ready to eat with Bell Pepper & Carrot strips on top of cabbage

Total Cooking Time: 15 minutes


3 thoughts on “Jenna’s Vegetable Raita

  1. Regarding rice not working for your body– one of the things I’m trying to explore is the ways that the paleo people use cabbage and cauliflower, shredded, in various ways, as the base for foods rather than grains/ carbs / etc– so they kind of shred and then steam it and serve the other dishes on top… if that makes sense?

    Loving have half an hour to read around your blog…

    • I simply love cabbage and cauliflower and have been using it a lot lately. I have been experimenting with new ways to enjoy it. I like cabbage with a meat mixture like chicken or if I am vegging-it I like to use the cabbage steamed in a warm salad with prunes, dried apricots and sliced almonds. As a fermenter, I am very big on ACV and enjoy the salad with a nice mixture of ACV and salt/pepper! I use cabbage at least twice a week because it is a cheap whole food with excellent properties!

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