Homemade Raw Cashew & Honey Coconut Milk Ice Cream Sundae


To make Coconut Milk:

6 Fresh Coconuts Shredded- Personally, hand grated yields the most creamy milk

1 liter of Distilled Water

2 Large Mixing Bowl

1 Heavy Object to “press” the Coconut Milk out

Cheesecloth (Do not use a Nut Milk Bag for Coconut Milk)

In Large mixing bowl the coconut shredded and add 500ml water. Press and mix the water into the coconut and squeeze over and over producing a white milk and adding water as you go, remaining 500ml. Let sit for 2-3 hours.I use a smooth Geode bookend to press and mix the coconut milk out. Transfer into a cheese cloth over another mixing bowl and squeeze the milk out of the coconut.Do this with all the shredded coconut and then store in a Zip Lock for a second pressing. Should press remaining coconut within 2 days. Reuse coconut in many different ways, dry at low temp in oven.

Making The Coconut Ice Cream

1 Liter of Fresh Coconut Milk

1/2 Cup of Caster Sugar or Sweetener of Choice and amount varies to taste

1/2 soaked Tahitian Vanilla Bean scraped

1/2 Cup of Coarse Sea Salt

4 Cups of Cubbed Ice

4 Ziplock Bag large

1 Metal Canister with lid

Add Sugar, Vanilla and Coconut Milk mix well. Divide the mixture into the 4 ziplock bags and close. In metal canister add ice and salt and shake with lid to mix together a few times. Take each ziplock bag and put into canister with salty-ice mixture and open bag and stir to get it to freeze up. Each bag can take up to 4-5 minutes. Once turned into ice cream store short term in fridge while getting sundae ready!

Assembling the Sundae

Take local honey and coat bottom of dish. Add 1 Bag Ice Cream to bowl. Dribble honey ontop. Crack raw cashews in hand and sprinkle. Two Pinches of Caster Sugar on top for crunch! Enjoy!!