All About Bhaarya

charminarHello my followers! My name is Jenna and I live in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh India with my Husband and children. I am from Denver, Colorado USA home of the famous Colorado Rocky Mountains! I am a sufferer of PCOS , I am against GMO foods and promote healthy eating and cooking from organic sources. I encourage all people to be aware of the major GMO foods in our World right now. CORN, SOY, ZUCCHINI, GREEN BELL PEPPERS, PAPAYA,BURBANK RUSSET POTATO, TOMATOES, RADICCHIO, AND YELLOW CROOK-NECK SQUASH. I enjoy cooking, reading, crochet, canning, baking, interior and exterior design, super simple DIY projects! This blog will contain all of the awesome things I make, eat & drink, watch, search and learn from my unique life in the Land of the Spices! Feel free to add my Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter!!




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